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HF Series Water Softener

The HF series high capacity water conditioner is designed for commercial or industrial applications that require intermittent large volumes of quality water. You will immediately realize savings in energy usage and consumption of costly cleaning supplies. Puronics® conditioned water generates additional long-term savings by reducing maintenance and premature replacement of appliances and equipment that use water, plumbing and laundered materials.

Additional Information

High Capacity Water Conditioner

For applications requiring intermittent large volumes of quality water
Produces up to 250,000 gallons/day
Flow Rate up to 500 gallons/minute
Conditioning Capacity – 10,000 – 2,000,000 grains/day

The 12-Day Timer Control

Fully automatic
Schedules regenerations at a preselected time of night or day
Selects regeneration time based upon raw water conditions and carefully calculated usage

Filter Media Tank

Heavy-duty NSF approved fiberglass reinforced pressure vessel

Lead-Free Solid Brass Control Valve

Durable construction for long lasting reliability


FDA approved high capacity monospheric resin has uniform beads for higher flow rates and efficiencies
Reduces iron, turbidity and hardness

High Impact Brine Tank

Polyethylene construction will not rust or crack
Adjustable salt dosage for maximum efficiency


Apartment Complexes
Health Clubs
Beauty Salons
Nursing Homes
Office Complexes
Car Washes
Boiler Pretreatment
Food Processing

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